Craft beer... It's never the same. It's always growing. There's always a new process to learn or a new style to try. At Brotherton Brewing Company we are always pushing the limits, but at the same time, staying true to traditional values. Grains, Hops, Yeast..... Perfection!


Our 15 Barrel Brewhouse
The Brewhouse is the heart and soul of the brewing process. It is in the Brewhouse where we combine the ingredients to create all of our wonderful beers. The brewing process starts when cracked malted barley, known as Grist, is transferred from the Grist Case to the Mash Tun....

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Meet the Brewer
  • A professional brewer since 2004, Ryan has spent the better part of this young century watching craft beer blossom into its golden age.  He has done his best to contribute to the growing industry where awards and accolades...

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Latest News !

Brotherton IPA cans now available in limited quantities. Contact your favorite liquor store for availability.