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Brewing is our life, beer is our water.  Don’t waste time drinking things which won’t make your life better.  And remember… it was a wise man who once said “a fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure”.

Keith Oriente


You never forget your first sip


Keith has been a craft beer fan since being introduced to his first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the early 1990’s. Although an avid home brewer, Keith (really Brotherton) decided to leave the brewing up to a professional. He is actively involved in the brewery with duties ranging from everyday operations to sweeping the floors to accounting to deliveries to festivals to…I’m sure you get the idea. His favorite Brotherton Beer to date is Swarthy Invader. Coming in at 9.6% abv., this beautiful Barrel Aged Stout is the perfect ending to a long day.


Dan has a strong background in Sales and Sales Management primarily focused in the Material Handling business over the last 28 years. To date, Dan has had a primary focus on Brotherton Brewing inventory, coordination of sales with Distributors, and Retail operations. In addition, Dan has been heavily involved in Brotherton event coordination and attendance. Favorite Brotherton beer style to date is Jersey Devil DIPA. Coming in at 8.4%, this beer does not drink as such. It is delicious, easy, smooth and not overly boozy.

Dan Oriente

Director of OperationsSAM ORIENTE

Sam graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture, so naturally she took the lead when it came to renovating the old firehouse that is now our Brewery and Tasting Room. Sam wears many hats in the company like Tap Room Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Event Organizer, etc. During operating hours, you can usually find Sam on her computer at Table 25, making a guest appearance behind the bar, or coming up with the next “Sam’s Featured Special”. Her favorite Brotherton beer to date is the What’s Shakin’? Milkshake IPA Series: Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, and Marshmallow. This brew clocks in at 6.5% ABV and has all the qualities you desire in a milkshake IPA: Fresh fruit, mild hoppiness, and a kiss of sweetness from the addition of milk sugar and marshmallow.


Ryan, who ran brewing operations at the McKenzie Brewhouse and Rinn Duin Brewery, is the head brewer. He’s been brewing professionally in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region since 2004. Ryan came into brewing through the restaurant side of a brewpub where he’d worked as a bartender.  He fell in love with brewing after sitting in on a brew day at the pub.  One thing led to another and with some motivation and determination, he eventually became the assistant brewer. Quality and originality has always been his main concern.  Ryan learned to brew by trial and error, and by reading every brewing book he could find.  He eventually learned that ” It’s about learning the ingredients.  Brewing is an art form that must be learned and studied.  That’s the difference between making beer and making good beer.”  Ryan’s favorite Brotherton beer is often changing, but currently he is loving kettle sours like Razmanian Devil Gose for its fruity, tart and salty complexity.

Ryan Michaels - Head Brewer